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Machine Cleaning Wipes


  • Dual-sided durability and extra absorbent.

  • Visibly lifts and locks in residue, dirt, and dust from machine surfaces (rubber liner, detergent tray, door glass) and outside your machine.

  • Micro-Grab™ fibers trap residue and help keep hands clean

  • #1 Recommended by*: Whirlpool, Maytag and Amana brands

    * affresh® brand products and the recommending brands’ products are all owned and distributed by Whirlpool Corporation


4.6 1485

#1 Recommended by*


Machine Cleaning Wipes Lifestyle

For a quick, easy solution for how to clean your washer, reach for affresh® machine cleaning wipes. These durable 2-sided laundry wipes have a fresh lemongrass scent and Micro-Grab™ fibers that lift and lock in residue, dirt and dust for a clean that shines.


Helps keep your washer looking like new and delightfully fragrant with a clean, lemongrass scent.

Features dual-sided durability that’s extra absorbent. Complete your clean with affresh® washing machine cleaner tablets.

How to Use

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Why should I use a machine cleaning wipe?

Affresh® machine cleaning wipes are specially formulated to help clean the rubber liner, detergent tray, glass door and outside surfaces of your machine and can visibly lift and lock in residue, dirt and dust from machine surfaces.

Can this wipe be used in place of a washer cleaner?

Affresh® machine cleaning wipes were designed to be used on the machine surfaces of your washing machine. For a complete clean, use with affresh® washing machine cleaner tablets.

How often should I use the machine cleaning wipes?

Use affresh® machine cleaning wipes weekly to help keep your machine looking like new.

Does this product have a scent?

Affresh® machine cleaning wipes have a clean lemongrass scent.

How do I use the product?

Affresh® machine cleaning wipes come pre-moistened and are extra absorbent. Simply wipe machine surfaces and inside the door for sparkling, clean results. The Micro-Grab™ fibers trap in residue and keep your hands clean!


What should I do if I get this in my eye?

If you get affresh® machine cleaning wipes formula in your eye, rinse with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical treatment.


Why doesn’t this look the same as my previous affresh® brand cleaner?

Affresh® machine cleaning wipes are not a new product. They have been updated to a new look for 2017. You can enjoy the same clean results as before!